Red Buff TFT Set 10: Combines Info & Recipe

Red Buff is an item in TFT (Teamfight Tactics). Red Buff helps the user increase attack speed, deal standard damage according to % of health and deep wounds.

Red Buff TFT How To Get ?

Combines info

Inflict 8% more damage. Attacks foes for 5 seconds, doing 33% damage and 5% burn.

Burn: Deals true damage equal to a % of the target’s maximum health every second.

Wound: Decreases in healing received.


To get Red Buff you need 2 Recurve Bow.

Red Buff TFT Best Champions

Red Buff will be suitable for generals that attack based on basic attacks such as: Twitch, Caitlyn, Aphelios, Jhin, Jinx, Lucian, Samira, Kaisa, Kayle, Miss Fortune.