TFT Zoe items guide set 12

Zoe is a new champion in TFT set 12. Zoe costs 3 (gold), belongs to Origin (Fortune, Storyweaver) and Class (Arcanist). In this sharing article we will help you build the strongest items for Zoe .

Zoe TFT Items Build Set 11

TFT Zoe Items

Best items for Zoe are:

Recipe for Items

TFT Zoe Abilities

Zoe launches a bubble at the nearest non-infected enemy’s location, infecting all enemies hit with a virus that deals magic damage over 10 seconds. Infected enemies take more damage.

TFT Zoe Synergies


Every round, Gadgeteens generate a random modified weapon that can be equipped by any unit. These weapons are powerful, but not durable, and fall apart after 2 rounds of use. Gadgeteens will not make new items to replace items left on the bench.

  • 3 – Create 1 item every round
  • 5 – Create 2 items every round


Hackers gain omnivamp.

Hackers summon a H4ckerr!m that takes the unit in the Rider Hex into the enemy backline. The Rider is untargetable for the first X seconds of combat.

  • 2 – 20% Omnivamp
  • 3 – 20% Omnivamp
  • 4 – 20% Omnivamp


  • 2 – When they would first fall below 50% health, Pranksters spawn a target dummy, move to a safe location, and restore 500 health.
  • 3 – The enemy who kills a target dummy is stunned for 1.5 seconds

TFT Zoe Comps

Using comp for zoe is: Super + 4 Duelists. Role of Zoe in comp is Hacker.

How to win in TFT?

In the early game, if you can’t find the champion you’re looking for, don’t spend money on a reroll.

Know where to find the stats for champions and their synergies.

Adapt your strategy to suit your current situation.

Before every draft stage, try to memorise what the champions you have on your team look like.

Speaking of other TFT comps, high-level players buy and sell units they may not want.

Make sure you use the mini-map so that you get a look at enemy team compositions.

During the late game, change your position.

Learn some recipes off by heart ahead of time, or write them down.

Several things affect which champions are available from the shop.

Don’t be afraid to sell upgraded units.

Don’t be afraid to stack items onto other champions.

Make sure you keep up to date with how good champions are.

If you’re wondering why you’re losing late-game, think why that might be and adapt.

Learn what some of the best comps are for the various galaxies ahead of time.

Above all else, don’t rest on your laurels in the mid-game.

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